Donald Miller presents: Sell with Story, The Brand-Boosting Blueprint that Turns Customers into Heroes (and Clicks Into Dollars)



This will be a part of our series highlighting Digital Marketer workshops from some of the best and brightest digital marketers in the world. Today, we’re highlighting Donald Miller, who is a best-selling author and recently ran a full-day workshop on his StoryBrand process. If you’re familiar with StoryBrand, they’re very cool and definitely worth a look.

This workshop ran live on October 27, 2020, but a recording of the workshop is still available through Digital Marketer, which you can still purchase. 

This workshop answers the question, “How do I talk about my business so that people either want to know more or place an order?” And that really comes down to Positioning, or “what problem do you solve, for who?” Positioning helps you figure out where you fit in your market. 

If you were to email your database and ask them this question, “What problem do we solve?”, would you get back the same answer from everyone? If you felt certain that you would get back a wide array of answers, then you’re leaving money on the table. 

If there is a competition between two companies, and one has a better product but the other has better positioning, the one with better positioning wins every time. 

In this workshop, Donald Miller argues that most marketing dollars are an enormous waste, because most companies prioritize being cute or clever over being clear. Most marketers think really hard about their product, their people, their processes, and then comes up with a marketing message that only confuses their buyers. The money is in the clarity, and Donald’s BrandScript framework can help you double down on a clear message that brings in more revenue.

I’ve gone through this workshop personally, and I can tell you that it’s worth every penny. If you’re DIY-ing your marketing and trying to figure out how to talk about your brand, this is the workshop you need to attend. 

In this workshop, “Sell with Story: The Brand-Boosting Blueprint that Turns Customers into Heroes (and Clicks into Dollars),” Donald Miller will show you:

  • How to go about wireframing your landing page so you’re set up for maximum conversions
  • How to remodel your current sales funnel so you can create your own marketing machine
  • How to keep all aspects of your StoryBrand organized so you’re never without the right messaging

You’ll also get Donald Miller’s 42-page workbook that includes all the talking points you need to create your StoryBrand.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to use Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Framework to create clear, concise marketing messages.

Donald will show you:

  • Why most marketing today is a money pit. Marketers in all industries throw money away on efforts that get no results. Oftentimes, even the sharpest looking marketing doesn’t add a single drop of value to a brand’s bottom line. Donald will reveal why this problem persists in today’s age, and how marketers can stop throwing money in the pit.
  • How to build your StoryBrand. Donald’s SB7 Framework will give you the insights you need to create your BrandScript that takes your customers on their journey towards solving their problems and buying your products or services.
  • How to implement your StoryBrand BrandScript. A plan is nothing if you fail to successfully implement it. Donald will walk you through the process of implementing your company’s newly-formed StoryBrand BrandScript so your story is known throughout your entire organization and becomes automatic at bringing new customers into the story.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Last year, we became Certified Partners of Digital Marketer. If you aren’t familiar with Digital Marketer, they’re a fantastic company that trains marketers on how to do their job better. They wrote the book on Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing for Dummies), and have really transformed the way that I think about digital marketing for my business and my clients. 

One of the benefits of being a Digital Marketer Certified Partner is being able to partner with DM to bring low-cost, high-value events to our readers, prospects, and customers. 

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