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Schedule your FREE Double Your Sales Discovery Session

About the Free Double Your Sales Discovery Meeting

The fact that you’re on this page shows that you take your business seriously. As you assess your business over the next year, you smell the opportunity. You can taste the revenue. However, there are challenges, aren’t there? You’re not exactly sure how to execute a plan to double your sales. You know that the market is there, you know that you have a good product or service, but you’re not sure you have what it takes to take it to the next level.

You’re in good company. Most business owners feel this way. That’s why the most successful businesses turn to strategic partners to help them create and execute a strategy to help their businesses grow. It’s not rocket science, but it does take a good deal of knowledge and creativity, and it requires a proven process. Don’t reinvent the wheel here.

You know that there are bottlenecks in your business that are standing in your way. It might attracting the right types of people to your brand or website. It might be that your website isn’t working as hard as it should be for you. It might be that you don’t know exactly who your audience is and that you don’t have the right content for them. It might be that you’re struggling to cross-sell and up-sell your whole range of services. You know where the big issues are. What you don’t have is a plan for unplugging the bottleneck.

Think about this. A business – any business – has to accomplish the following things in order to achieve sustainable, scalable growth:

  1. Attract the right people
  2. Engage those people and provide value
  3. Subscribe those people to your list so that you can stay in touch with them.
  4. Convert those subscribers using an entry-point offer, where they either spend time or money with you.
  5. Build excitement among those converts so that they are excited about doing even more business with you.
  6. Cross-sell, up-sell, and re-sell your products and services to extract as much value as you can from each customer.
  7. Delight those customers so that they say nice things about you to their friends and online.
  8. Unleash your most loyal customers to promote you through a structured advocacy program.

You might be thinking that doubling your business over the course of a year is a pipe dream. But think about it this way. When we break your business activities up into these 8 actions, we only need small growth in each stage to double your business.

Let’s say that a business gets 1,000 website visitors per month. Of those, half of them come back again within the next 30 days. Of those repeat visitors, half of them subscribe to your email list. 20% of those convert and of those, half of them end up going on to spend an average of $1000 with your business. Only 10% of your customers leave reviews, and you don’t have a structured customer advocacy program.

Let’s look at these numbers:

  1. You’re attracting 1,000 people.
  2. You’re engaging with 500 people (50%).
  3. You’re subscribing 250 people (50%).
  4. You’re converting 50 people (20%).
  5. You’re exciting 25 of them to go on and spend more money (50%).
  6. Your 25 people go on to spend a total of $25,000 with you.
  7. 2.5 people leave a review (~10%).
  8. Nobody is incentivized to promote your product or service.

At the end of a normal month, you’ve generated $25,000 in new revenue.

Now, let’s say that we’ve done some good work and are starting to see small results in each of these steps. We’re going to just factor in a very achievable 10% growth across each stage.

  1. We’re attracting 1,100 people. (10% more)
  2. We’re engaging with 605 people (55%)
  3. We’re subscribing 333 people (55%)
  4. We’re converting 73 people (22%)
  5. We’re exciting 40 people, who go on to spend more money (55%)
  6. These 40 people spend a total of $44,000 ($1100 each)
  7. Four people leave a review (11%)
  8. Let’s say that 25% of the people who leave a review go on to join your advocacy program and are actively referring their network. So, that’s one person per month.

Would you look at that! With some minor optimizations, we were able to achieve a 76% increase in sales! Not quite our goal of doubling, but pretty darn close. Hopefully you are starting to see that a clear, repeatable process is really important in growing your sales.

That’s exactly why we’re so excited to have a free Double Your Sales Discovery meeting with you. The agenda of this meeting will be identifying the pain points, bottlenecks, and the opportunities in your marketing and sales process. We’ll give you a list of action items that you can begin implementing now to help grow your business.

Want to know Next Steps? If, after the Double Your Sales Discovery Meeting, you decide that you need additional consulting to hit your goals and we determine together that we’re a good fit for each other, then we’ll look at scheduling our 90 Day Growth Accelerator. During this 90 day program, we will understand your customer’s emotional reason for buying, we’ll build out your unique marketing plan using our framework, we’ll determine the important metrics that we’ll need to keep an eye on so that we can determine success, and much more.

Don’t settle for another year of sub-par revenue. Schedule your Double Your Sales Discovery Meeting today!