The Best Black Friday Deals for Marketers



It’s the most… ridiculous?… time of the year again – Black Friday! While you may be searching for “who’s it’s and what’s it’s galore” (thanks, Ariel), as marketers, this can be a really exciting time. If you’re like me, you’re thinking ahead to the new year, and getting excited about trying out new marketing strategies that can help fuel your business growth.

One half of good marketing is having the right strategy and the other half is having the right tools in place to be able to execute that strategy. With it being Black Friday and all, I figured it would be a good idea to run a roundup of some of my favorite marketing tools that are offering discounts this weekend. And some of these discounts are STEEP!

Digital Marketer

First up is Digital Marketer. These folks are quickly becoming one of my favorite companies in the world – in fact, we’re a Certified Partner with them and use a lot of their tools and frameworks with our clients.

Digital Marketer is a training company that works with all kinds of businesses to help them define their audience, create their campaigns, and quickly create high-converting campaigns that will drive revenue. They offer Certification Courses (I’m certified in eCommerce Mastery, Digital Marketing, and working on my Content Marketing Certification), and I can tell you from personal experience these are the real deal! If you’re looking to sharpen one particular area, or if you’re wanting to learn a new skill – this is the way to go.

They’re offering 81% off their Certification Courses, 73% off their On-Demand Workshops, and 74% off their Playbooks (Facebook Ads playbook for only $7, hello?).

If you’re at all interested in growing as a digital marketer, do yourself a favor and check them out.


This is a piece of software that’s been flying under the radar for some time, but is really useful for anyone running Facebook Ads. Long story short, it helps you really define your audience’s interests on Facebook so that you can create highly targeted Facebook Ads.

With ConnectExplore, you can:

  • Find profitable untapped Facebook™ interests other marketers and business owners didn’t already know about … effectively leapfrogging your competition
  • Know ahead of time the exact interests to target in your advertising – with pre-analyzed interests so there’s no guesswork involved
  • Speed up your research by saving you hours of manual work. Just enter a broad topic and get a list of hyper-targeted interests.
  • Effortlessly filter your audiences to drill down to the hungriest groups of leads and buyers

This Black Friday deal is pretty sweet because it’s a lifetime offer – meaning you can buy it for $97 today and use it forever. No subscriptions at all! I have this software and use it and can say that it is very helpful when you’re setting up a Facebook campaign and wanting to be smarter than the competition.

Elementor Pro

Most marketers have a couple of basic needs from their website. It needs to be easy to create stuff, it needs to be easy to edit stuff, and it needs to be fast. I had always struggled with WordPress Drag N Drop editors – I just didn’t think that most of them were any good. Then I found Elementor, and I have started building websites almost exclusively using this page builder.

It’s really easy for marketers to go in and change stuff, they have a ton of pre-built widgets that look sharp and work well out of the box, and it’s not bloated. In fact, the sites that I use Elementor on load quite fast!

Their basic page builder is free, but they have a Pro option that has a bunch of other features, my favorite being that you can create header and footer templates. These guys are changing the game for WordPress sites, and you can get Elementor Pro for 25% off this weekend!

WP Developer

Speaking of WordPress, you’ve probably run across WPDeveloper if you’ve spent much time looking at WordPress plugins. They have a ton of really sweet plugins, which you can see here.

Just about every site that I build uses their Elementor Essential Addons plugin, and I’ve been really wanting to check out a few of their other ones too – I think that NotificationX and BetterDocs both look really cool.


While this isn’t a Black Friday deal per se, HubSpot has been offering their Starter Growth Suite for only $50/month for the last several months to try to help companies who are looking to grow through this tough year.

Their Starter Growth Suite includes a ton of features: an award-winning CRM, Landing Page Builder, Marketing Emals, Live Chat, a Consolidated Inbox that pulls your email, Facebook messenger, forms, and website live chat all in one place (very cool), deal pipelines (now with automation), customer service ticketing w/ automation, outbound calling, and lots of other features. If you’re in marketing, sales, or customer service – or if you’re a small business owner in charge of all 3 – you’re going to love HubSpot. It’s a huge program, so schedule a demo and I’ll walk you through setting up your account.

We’ll keep this page updated with the best deals as we run across them. Check back over the weekend as we update these.

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