Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting your content found by users. We accomplish this through a series of technical tweaks, a great content marketing strategy, organizing your site in a way that builds domain authority for your brand, and reaching out to related blogs and websites to obtain natural, organic backlinks to your site.




We’ll perform a site audit on your site to find and fix these types of errors:

  • Crawlability

    Is your site easily indexed by search engines? Can search engines easily tell what your site is about? Can they tell how your content is related to each other?

  • Site Performance

    Is your site snappy, or does it lag? We'll optimize large images, compress css and js files and, if needed, even upgrade your server to make sure your site loads super fast.

  • Security

    Is your site being served over https protocol? Is it linking to secure assets? If not, you are losing traffic.

  • Internal Linking

    How often are you linking to your most relevant content? Can your visitors get to all your pages with just a few clicks? Do you have a strategy for increasing the number of internal links to your most valuable pages?


We’ll perform a site audit on your site to determine how well your current content plan is performing.

  • Organic Reach

    Are your pages doing a good job of driving organic traffic to your site? Are there opportunities to beef up your existing content to help improve your rankings?

  • Keyword Research

    What content is missing from your website? What questions do your customers and prospects have that you could be answering? What words are being searched often and where is the opportunity for you to snag the most traffic?

  • Backlinks

    How often are sites linking back to your pages? Are these sites high-quality or are they spam? What sites cater to your target audience?

  • Site Structure

    Are different pages on your site competing for the same keywords, or are they supporting each other through internal linking? Are your URLs showing that your site is organized by topic?


Content Creation

We’ll write a mix of long-form and short-form content for your blog to help you rank for relevant keywords. We’ll use the Hub and Spokes model to get the most bang for your buck.

High Quality Backlinks

We’ll reach out to high-quality sites and blogs to help drive traffic to your site. Not only can you receive an immediate boost in traffic, you’ll build domain authority. That mean, over time, you’ll see a compounding effect where more and more and more people are finding your site through organic search.


Reporting and Iteration

Every month, we’ll meet to evaluate what’s working, what’s not working, and what our next action steps should be. This way, we remain on the same page and are always moving forward toward our goals. 


Great Alone. Better Together.

All of our services are meant to complement each other to accelerate your business growth. 

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