We offer a set of services that will attract your target audience to your website and convert them into leads for your sales team. While many of these make sense to pair together, we can discuss the right mix of services to maximize your budget and prove ROI. 

Buyer Persona Development

$600 (ONE-TIME)

The first step to running a successful Inbound Marketing campaign is defining your Buyer Personas. 

We'll work with you to research your ideal customer demographics, pain points, and challenges, and we will lean on this information throughout the rest of our marketing plan. We'll also map out their Buyer's Journey


Content Audit

 $450 (one-time)

Once we know our buyer personas, we'll audit your site to determine where the gaps are. Each piece of content that you write should have a purpose and it should nurture a particular Buyer Persona down a particular road in their Buyer'S Journey. We'll present the findings of our audit and a roadmap for filling in the gap. 


Blog Writing


Your blog is the hub of any Inbound Marketing strategy, and we'll handle the heavy lifting of researching, writing, editing, and publishing new blog posts. We'll generally settle into a rhythm where we are publishing anywhere between 4 and 12 blog posts each month. 


Digital Advertising/PPC

Less than $2000 in TOTAL ad spend: $300/platform
Greater than $2000 in TOTAL ad spend: 15% of spend

We'll drive highly relevant traffic to your website using Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. We'll constantly test ads so that we can make data-driven decisions hat make the best use of your budget and generate the highest revenue for your business.


Growth Driven Website Redesign

$2,500 - $10,000, DEPENDING ON SCOPE
$1,000 - $2,500 Monthly 

Your website is not a billboard. When your website launches, you have access to a wealth of data and you should use that data to continually improve your site. We'll use the Growth Driven Design methodology to complete a website redesign on time and on budget. After it launches, we'll continually optimize your site to ensure that it performs better each month. 


Social Media Strategy & Execution


We'll create and execute a social media campaign that attracts new prospects, nurtures them into leads, and delights your existing clients. We'll deliver a social media content calendar that speaks to each of your personas and highlights your services and products in a fresh, engaging way. 


On-page SEO Optimization


We'll find high-quality keywords that your brand should be ranking for and we will optimize pages on your site to build domain authority for those topics. We'll conduct technical site audits to ensure that there are no technical issues that would negatively affect your rankings. We will add internal links to ensure that your pages are linking to each other where appropriate. We will beef up your existing content to ensure that it provides value to your users and is seen as a definitive resource by search engines.


Monthly / Quarterly Reporting


Each year, we will decide on a set of focus metrics that we will use as a compass to judge our success. Each metric will have a subset of supporting metrics that we will pull to hit our focus metric. I will provide a monthly report that will outline our success, failures, and learnings from the previous month. We will also meet each quarter to look at YTD success.